Reiki Healing Sessions



  What is Reiki?

 Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and is a technique whereby practitioners move "healing energy" through the palms of their hands. Reiki promotes health by equalizing the energy imbalances in the body.

One of the most beautiful & wonderful benefits of Reiki is that it transcends time and space and therefore can be sent to anyone, anywhere on Earth, for their highest good. Reiki is love and that knows no limits.


Que es Reiki?

 Reiki es una técnica japonesa para la reducción del estress y la relajación de la tensión que también promueve la curacion y es una técnica por el que los terapéutas mueven “energía curativa” a través de las palmas de sus manos. Reiki  alivia la tensión y promueve salud igualando los desequilibrios de la energía en el cuerpo. 

 Reiki es un método simple, natural y seguro de cura y de ayuda para mejorar fisica y espiritualmente que cada uno de nosotros puede utilizar. Porque Reiki es energía espiritual dirigida,  nunca puede causar daño. Una de las cosas  hermosas y las ventajas maravillosas de Reiki es que supera tiempo y espacio y por lo tanto se puede enviar a cualquier persona, dondequiera en la tierra, para su maximo bien. Reiki es amor y ése no sabe ningun límite.



Give a unique gift that your loved one will appreciate.

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 Reiki Healing Sessions in Person

 Tratamientos de Reiki en Persona


What is Reiki Collage?

Reiki in steroids ;)
This Energy session that go deeply in the cellular level combines 7+ techniques in one. It is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind.  It feels deeply relaxing, creating a sense of spaciousness in the body, it clear your chakras, promote healing and allow you to experience more ease and self nurture.


 Reiki Energy treatments in person, by appointment, 


Tratamientos de Reiki en persona por cita en

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By Jannette Ampier  

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60 minutes Reiki Collage Energetic healing with aromatherapy oils

$ 125.00 USD

This Energy session combines 7 techniques in one.




2 / 60 min sessions package

$ 225.00 USD


2 / 60 min Reiki Collage Sessions 

After purchasing your Healing sessions, call or text to make an appointment 630-618-6621

Not valid with any other offer



Your  appointment time is reserved for you and you only. If unable  to keep your  appointment, please call 24 hours in advance to avoid charges. 

 Thank you kindly.




 Spiritual Clearing & Energy Work

Multi-dimensional healing and clearing is a process removing entities, energetic parasites, negativity and other blocks as Ascended masters and Archangels are engaged to reconnect and balance your physical and subtle bodies. Your DNA is stimulated and reconnected to the cosmic light raising your vibrations and frequencies, thus, enabling you to lead a much more productive life. Would you like to experience more ease, joy and clarity?

Spiritual Clearing & Energy Work

$ 300.00 USD

Between 75 to 90 minutes aprox - Multi-dimensional healing and clearing is a process removing entities, energetic parasites, negativity and other blocks as Ascended masters and Archangels are engaged to reconnect and balance your physical and subtle bodies.

One person session.  This session can be done by phone, skype, in person or distance.



   All treatments include a warm cup of tea.








 Suggestions for your individual treatment:

1. Relax and go with the flow.

2. Don't anticipate what you think you are supposed to feel. Let the treatment work for you.

3. Each individual’s experience is different. You may feel energetic shifts during the treatment or you may not; you may feel energetic shifts after the treatment at some point and you may not.

4. Not experiencing any physical sensations is NOT an indication that the treatment isn’t working.

5. Enjoy this wonderful gift.



     Reiki does not replace the care provided by health care professionals. You are strongly encouraged to continue seeing your health care providers and following their recommendations in conjunction with Reiki treatments.


       Reiki no remplaza los cuidados de un profesional de la salud. Se le recomienda seguir viendo a su medico y seguir sus recomendaciones en conjunto con los tratamientos de Reiki.





































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